115th Congress Accomplishments

It is a profound honor and blessing to represent you and your family in our nation’s capital. West Texas is more than the energy basin and breadbasket for the United States – it’s the backbone of our nation’s traditional values. I hope you are as pleased as I am with the record of results from our first term. Our overarching goal was to rein in the federal government, renew our commitment to the Constitution, be a strong voice for Rural America, and restore power back to “We the People.”

Here are some of the ways we advanced our conservative principles and West Texas values during our first term in Congress: rebuilt the military and restored our readiness, supported the President to secure the border and stop illegal immigration, grew our economy and created jobs through tax cuts and regulation reduction, repealed Obamacare’s individual mandate, improved services to our veterans by enhancing the GI Bill and increasing accountability at the VA, increased access to healthcare for people in rural communities, introduced the only bi-partisan term limits legislation endorsed by President Trump, and defended our constitutional rights and traditional American values by protecting the 2nd Amendment and State sovereignty in public education.

In addition, President Trump signed five pieces of legislation into law that we introduced on behalf of the good people of West Texas, improving agriculture, rural healthcare, and veteran services. We also led efforts to restore cotton to the Farm Bill safety net and secure the new B-21 bomber at Dyess – two generational opportunities with billions in economic impact to West Texas.

Furthermore, as Chairman of the Veterans Affairs Economic Opportunity Subcommittee, I spearheaded legislation to improve accountability and quality of care at the VA. On the Farm Bill conference committee, I ensured that the 2018 Farm Bill gave our farmers and ranchers the certainty and security they need to feed and clothe the American people.

In spite of our accomplishments during the 115th Congress, there is much more work to be done.  As we enter the 116th Congress, I will, first and foremost, defend the conservative policies we put in place that have made America safer, stronger, and freer. I will also continue to work to solve our nation’s problems in a bipartisan fashion when possible, putting our country before politics.

Watch my end of year video below