Arrington Rejects House Democrats’ Attempt to Weaken America’s Military Defenses

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19) voted against H.R. 2500 – House Democrats’ version of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) – and issued the following statement:

“The first and most important job of the federal government is to protect our citizens and provide for a common defense. And now, after eight years of weakening our defense posture under the Obama administration, America is finally making the strategic investment we need to restore our readiness against ever-increasing threats across the globe. Unfortunately, the six-decade bipartisan tradition of supporting our brave men and women in uniform was shattered this week when House Democrats decided once again to put partisanship before the safety of our troops and compromise our most important mission,” said Arrington.

“Instead of approving an overwhelmingly bipartisan Senate version of the NDAA, House Democrats put forward a bill that slashes $1.2 billion in military personnel funding, prohibits military resources from being used to secure our southern border, and prioritizes social experimentation over preparedness. Most importantly, it underfunds the Defense Department by $17 billion – well below what both President Trump and the Senate have requested, and well below what our military leaders need to maintain America’s competitive military advantage and achieve peace through strength.”