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Rep. Arrington Hosts National Security Press Conference in Abilene

WEST TEXAS – Today, Rep. Jodey Arrington (TX-19) hosted a National Security Press Conference with the Abilene Military Affairs Committee (MAC) discussing the recent House-passed National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), which included several key provisions to support Dyess Air Force Base.

“The NDAA we passed in the House shows our unwavering commitment to our troops, good stewardship of taxpayer dollars, and the outright rejection of woke and un-American policies that have no place in our military.” said Arrington.

Included in the NDAA is a provision that would prohibit the retirement of the B-1 bombers until the next generation B-21 bombers are fully operational at Dyess Air Force base, as well as Rep. Arrington’s “Mission Not Emissions Act.”

“The Big Country can’t wait to call itself home to the B-21 bombers, but we need to make sure our B-1s are equipped with advanced weapons systems and maximum lethality until we transition to the B-21.

Lastly, the NDAA included my ‘Missions Not Emissions Act,’ legislation that would refocus our military away from woke indoctrination and back to war fighting by reversing Biden’s extreme climate policies at the Pentagon.”

Rep. Arrington was also joined by local law enforcement to discuss the ongoing crisis at the southern border and the flooding of West Texas communities with drugs, crime, and criminals as a direct result of the Biden Administration’s failed border policies.

“As a result of President Biden’s failure to secure the border and enforce our laws and provide a common defense, our nation has experienced an unprecedented and unmitigated humanitarian and security crisis.

President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas, despite their ludicrous claims of having operational control of the border, have surrendered control of our southern border to terrorist drug cartels.”

Lastly, Rep. Arrington offered support of the actions of Governor Abbott to step up and secure the southern border.

“Article 1 Section 10 of the Constitution gives states the explicit authority to defend themselves from an invasion when the federal government fails to do so by expressly guaranteeing states the sovereign power to repel an invasion and defend their citizens from overwhelming and ‘imminent danger.’

Our state cannot withstand the drugs, crime, and criminals flowing across the border and into our communities. I’ve been encouraged by Governor Abbott’s efforts to stop the chaos, secure the border, and protect Texans. I encourage him to continue to step up and remain committed to defending the sovereignty of our state and protecting our people.”

“It’s truly an honor to be here today. God bless our airmen and airwomen at Dyess Air Base, God bless this great state of Texas, and God bless America. Thanks, and Go West Texas!”