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Arrington Blasts House Democrats’ Disturbing Resolution to Appease Iran

Today, Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19) released the following statement opposing House Democrats’ resolution to limit the President’s ability to defend America against Iranian aggression: “It’s one thing to weaponize impeachment to discredit the President, but it’s another to handcuff our Commander-in-Chief and jeopardize the safety of our soldiers by preventing them from defending themselves,” said Arrington. “If this resolution were to become law, it would handcuff our Commander-in-Chief, jeopardize the safety of our troops, and undermine our national security.” “This is not a resolution, it’s a retreat and a disturbing insight into the naïve and impotent ideology of appeasement. It would be a death warrant, not for the worst of terrorists, but for the best of Americans – our sons and daughters on the battlefield who would be left defenseless, sitting ducks for a murderous mob of mullahs in Iran and Iranian-backed militias throughout the Middle East.” WATCH CONGRESSMAN ARRINGTON’S FULL REMARKS ON THE HOUSE FLOOR:
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