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Arrington Condemns Domestic Terrorism, Complicit Local Leaders in Portland, Other Cities on House Floor

Washington, July 27, 2020

WASHINGTON – Today, Rep. Jodey Arrington (TX-19) delivered the following remarks on the House Floor: 

“It is shameful, Mr. Speaker, for the leaders elected to this great body, with the full confidence of the American people that we will call evil by its name, to sit idly by and be complicit in their silence and not condemn the chaos, the destruction, the violence, the crimes, the terrorism that is ravaging our nation as we speak,” said Arrington.

 “We've got to stand up to this mob! We have to say, no more will you burn our cities! No more will you terrorize our communities, and intimidate, and use fear to squelch any attempt by our local leaders to stop this now.”

“But they are intimidated, Mr. Speaker! The local leaders have completely bowed the knee to this leftist extremist groups that have hijacked peaceful protests.”

“We just celebrated one of the greatest who demonstrated peacefully and through love for this country and his fellow man. He made more difference than a million mobs could. His name is John Lewis and I'm honored to have served with him. But what's happening right now, these local leaders are either unwilling or incapable of stopping it.”

“This weekend was two months of persistence of this violence and in the crimes perpetrated against federal officers local law enforcement, who have been hamstrung to even defend themselves, let alone the property that they've been asked by their quote unquote courageous leaders to defend. They're getting firework shot off in their face. Where are the city leaders?” 

“Where is Mr. Biden? Safe in his basement? That's courageous leadership. That's what America needs right now. Criticize President Trump all you want. He is at least doing something to stand up to the mob, protect taxpayer federal property, our federal law enforcement officers who are doing their job faithfully dutifully while our citizens' rights are being completely trampled.”

“There's no pursuit of life, liberty and happiness in these cities, they're burning. Protesters in California set fire to courthouse damage police stations, and assault officers, ABC says in ‘peaceful demonstrations that have intensified.” Are you kidding me? In Texas, we call it bull with the end of that word, with a T.”

“And, and what do we do with fireworks and broken windows and spray paint, lasers being shot at them? Seattle experienced an anti-police riot where 59 police officers were injured. Arson, vandalism, assault. I've got the list of federal crimes right here. These people ought to be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. They should be locked up away from the citizens who are just trying to live out their lives in this great nation.”

To watch the full speech, please click here or the image below:

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