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KCBD: Congressman Arrington helps honor Shallowater High School Assistant Principal

SHALLOWATER, TX (KCBD) - A Shallowater man who carries two titles was recognized Wednesday. Some know Kris Hulse as the Assistant Principal at Shallowater High School. Others know him as Lieutenant Colonel Hulse. During the assembly, Hulse said, "There are times when I’m not here at the school and a lot of those times I’m off, as I like to call it, playing “Army.” And that’s what I do so this is the other side of me - this is my alter ego.” Hulse has two jobs. He explains, "I am the Assistant Principal here at Shallowater High School, but I am also the Battalion Commander for the Second Battalion in the 142nd Infantry Base headquartered here in Lubbock, and I’m a Lieutenant Colonel.” He was honored by Congressman Jodey Arrington in person today. Arrington is the U.S. Representative for Texas District 19. He says, “We celebrated as a community and with the young men and women of Shallowater High School, which I think is particularly important. Because it’s one thing for me to say thank you to someone who’s had a distinguished career of 27 years in the armed services and to present a flag flown over the capitol in his honor but it’s another thing for the young men and women to see this.” Hulse is in his fourth full year at the school. Last year, he was deployed to Afghanistan. The school district and students rallied around him to help do both jobs. Hulse says, "The support is beyond measure. You can’t put a value on it. Because without that, I wouldn’t be able to do what I do.” Serving our country and the Shallowater community at the same time. The flag given to Hulse today was flown over the capitol in Washington D.C. on September 15th in honor of Hulse and his new command. He was also presented with a second flag sent in by Senator Ted Cruz along with a note. Hulse says both will hang in his office.