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Video & Transcript: Arrington Opposes Impeachment: “The President Didn’t Incite a Riot”

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Rep. Jodey Arrington: “Madame Speaker, I rise with great sorrow to oppose this second attempt at a baseless impeachment from my democrat colleagues. 

“Last week’s attack on the US Capitol was completely unacceptable, and the people involved should be met with swift accountability.

“The President didn’t incite a riot. The President didn’t lead an insurrection. And there are no ‘high crimes or misdemeanors’ requisite of impeachment.

“I’m not saying the President didn’t exercise poor judgement, but to criminalize political speech by blaming lawless acts on the President’s rhetoric is wrong, Madame Speaker, and a very dangerous precedent.

“The criminals who stormed the Capitol that day acted on their own volition – they are responsible for their actions.

“This is an important moment, Madame Speaker, for our nation. We have the opportunity to come together and do what’s right for our country. 

“The votes are certified. President Trump has conceded. Let’s focus on the future and get back to the People’s business. I yield back.”

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