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Arrington Fights to Protect Taxpayer Money and Keystone XL Pipeline Workers During Democrat's Partisan COVID "Relief" Markup

House Ways and Means Committee Democrats approved a $1 trillion section of the poorly targeted relief package as the federal debt exceeds the size of the entire U.S. economy

WASHINGTON –This week, Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19) offered three amendments at House Ways and Means markup to Democrat’s COVID-19 relief proposal. The Committee was responsible for a nearly $1 trillion portion of the spending bill.


Full video of opening remarks

Rep. Arrington offered the following amendments to ensure temporary, targeted relief:

    • Providing healthcare coverage to workers that lost their jobs due to President Biden’s attack on American energy workers by cancelling the Keystone XL pipeline.
    • Protecting taxpayer dollars by ensuring that relief checks go to those who need it most.
    • Ensuring that union pension plans that intentionally steer into insolvency do not receive a taxpayer funded bailout, saving taxpayers as much as $100 billion.

Democrats rejected all three amendments. Over the course of the two-day markup, House Ways and Means Committee Democrats denied all amendments offered by Republicans. Amendments were based on policies both parties have support in the past. Democrats rejected:

  • Making sure taxpayers are not paying workers to make more on unemployment than they would make at their jobs;
  • Safely reopening schools;
  • Protecting healthcare providers from predatory lawsuits;
  • Prohibiting unrelated pension bail-outs with taxpayer dollars;
  • Maintaining work requirements for monthly federal assistance;
  • Ensuring government assistance goes only to US citizens.
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