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Arrington Votes Against Radical Democrat Agenda

House Democrats Impose Far-Left Agenda on Americans in the name of ‘equal rights’

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19) voted no on the passage of H.R. 5, the “Equality Act,” which passed the House. If signed into law, this bill would redefine the term “sex” in federal civil rights law to force both public and private schools, churches, hospitals, businesses, and other institutions to recognize an individual’s “chosen gender” instead of their biological sex. H.R. 5 would allow biological men to access female facilities, open the door to taxpayer funded abortions, and restrict parental consent in a child’s decision to undergo gender transition therapy. 

“While I will protect the Constitutional rights and freedoms of all Americans, I strongly oppose the Democrats’ legislation expanding the Civil Rights Act to include gender identity as a protected class. Unfortunately, this legislation politicizes sexuality, ignores basic biological reality and undermines our religious freedom. If this bill were to become law, it would force girls to compete against boys in sports and put women at risk by allowing men access to rape crisis centers, ladies’ locker rooms and other female-only facilities,” said Arrington. “Additionally, it would force employers, parents, doctors and organizations, including churches and faith-based institutions, to violate their conscience by conforming to a new, government-imposed definition of gender. For example, it could compel Christian charities to cover sex reassignment in their healthcare plans and punish physicians who refuse to perform those same surgeries. “All of us have equal value in the eyes of God and equal protection under the law. However, for the federal government to impose a belief system regarding sexuality on all Americans in the name of ‘equal rights’ is counter to both the Constitution and common sense.”


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