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Arrington Votes Against $1.9T Democrat Partisan Wishlist

WASHINGTON, DC – Over the weekend, Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19) voted “no” on the passage of H.R. 1319, “Pelosi’s $1.9T Payoff to Progressives Act,” which passed the House. 

If signed into law, this bill would grant $112 million to Speaker Pelosi for an underground train tunnel in Silicon Valley, $86 billion to bailout mismanaged union pensions, $350 billion to Democrat-run states and local governments that were in fiscal distress far before COVID-19, and $500 million to arts and humanities. There is less than 9% of the funds in this bill go towards health-related relief contained in this piece of legislation.  


Remarks as Delivered: 

Madam Speaker, there’s an old country saying, “You can put all the perfume and lipstick you want on a pig, and it’s still pork and it still stinks.” H.R. 1319 is filled to the brim with bad policies, partisan priorities and its disguised as “COVID relief”. This bill pays people more to be on unemployment than to go to work, slaps small businesses with job killing wage mandates, gives a $350 billion dollars windfall to states who were mismanaged and broke before COVID, hands a blank check to union bosses and greedy corporate executives who ran their pensions into the ground and stuck taxpayers with the tab. It rewards temper tantrums from teachers unions by doling out billions of dollars to schools who refuse to open their doors to their students. This bill is chock full of bad policies, barriers to recovery, and bailouts galore. Madam Speaker, let’s open the country, get our kids back in the classroom, and get America back to work.

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