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Arrington Votes Against Tone-Deaf Democrat Amnesty Bills, Says It’s an Insult to the American People

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19) voted “no” on the passage of H.R. 6, the “Dream Act” and H.R. 1603, the “Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which passed the House.

If signed into law, these bills would grant amnesty to millions of individuals who have entered our country illegally.

“Completely ignoring the crisis at our border and neglecting the needs of the American people, House Democrats today passed two bills that will add fuel to the fire by granting mass amnesty and a path to citizenship for millions of individuals living in the United States illegally. H.R. 6 prioritizes those who cut the line over those who respected our laws. Furthermore, it hamstrings law enforcement agencies by preventing information sharing from DHS,” said Rep. Arrington. “H.R. 1603 is another partisan amnesty bill disguised as farm workforce modernization. We have bipartisan agreement that Congress should reform the H-2A program, but this legislation is weighed down with radical provisions that create an unfair path to citizenship, weaken existing protections to prevent criminals from entering our country, and exposes agriculture employers to predatory lawsuits. Taken together, these bills will further encourage lawlessness and undermine the sovereignty and security of our nation.”



Remarks as Delivered:

Madam Speaker don’t ask the President - ask the people of Texas and they will tell you the truth. Biden’s unilateral actions are the cause for this unprecedented crisis. My democrat colleagues’ response to their fellow Americans? An amnesty bill that will only add fuel to the fire of the burning chaos at the southern border. Madam Speaker, how did we go from America first to America last in just days? Taken together, these perverse incentives will further encourage lawlessness, enrich cartels, enable the abuse and exploitation of the most vulnerable people, cheat those who have respected our process, compromise the health and safety of the American people and undermine the sovereignty and security of our great nation. Don’t ask the President, Madam Speaker, ask the People of Texas and they will tell you the truth. The cartels are in control of the border and the Left is in control of the Democrat party.


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