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Arrington Votes Against Radical Open Border Bills

WASHINGTON, DC –Today, Representative Jodey Arrington (TX-19) voted “no” on the passage of two Democrat bills that would prioritize illegal immigrants over the safety of the American people.

H.R. 1333, the“NO BAN Act,”would limit the President’s ability to quickly make decisions in the best interest of our country’s national security.

H.R. 1573, “the Access to Counsel Act,”would provide taxpayer-funded lawyers to illegal immigrants, further incentivizing individuals to illegally come to our country.

Both bills passed the House and, if signed into law, will further exacerbate Biden’s Border Crisis.

Click here or the image above for full remarks.

Remarks as Delivered

I thank my friend from Ohio.Madam Speaker,I am from the great state of Texas and there's nothing great about the crisis at our border. It is unprecedented. It is unmitigated. It is ever-escalating, and it is absolutely, absolutely self-inflicted and avoidable. And because of the actions of our Commander-in-Chief, whose first job is to protect the American people,and the irresponsible and reckless unilateral actions, we've got chaos at our southern border and the American people are suffering for it. The poor vulnerable people being abused by the cartels are suffering for it. Endless list of tragedies because of what's happening and what's coming out of the White House and the answer, the solution,in the midst of this crisis and disaster like we've never seen,from my Democratic colleagues is to offer legislation to grant mass amnesty and citizenship,more green lights, more incentives, more welcome mats to continue to violate our sovereignty and tobreakour laws. Not to be detained and deported, but to be released and rewarded.“Cut in linein front ofmillions of people!”They don't get a free lawyer paid for by the taxpayers!I can't believe this is happening in our great country. I can't believe my Democrat colleagues are pouring gasoline and inflaming the situation with more of theseNO BAN Act, tying the President’s hands to do his job to preventhigh-riskfolks from coming to the US. Giving legal counsel, giving navigatorsandpeople who can help aidand abet the exploitation of our laws?!

Madam Speaker, it makes no sense at all. In fact,it's insulting. We care about people. This country does more for the immigrant than any other in the world. We welcome those who want to make America their home. ThoseGod-fearing,freedom-lovingfamilies. They’vegot to respect our sovereignty. They've got to respect the safety and security of the American people. They have to respect our laws and I'm waiting for the Democrats to respect the laws of this land. On this issue, I'm waiting, but this is spittingin the face of these families and communities that are terrified. Ranchers are terrified to leave their families in their homes, and this is the answer?This is what you’vegot?Shameful. It is shameful. I'm embarrassed. And yes, I encourage my colleagues to vote no on the NO BAN Act and I thank you for the time and thank you Mr.RankingMember for the opportunity. God Bless America.


Congressman JodeyArringtonis a member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving the Nineteenth Congressional District of Texas. He serves as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.

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