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Arrington Issues Statement on Botched Kabul Drone Strike

Lubbock, TX— Today, Rep. Jodey Arrington (TX-19) issued the following statement on the Department of Defense’s announcement regarding the August 29th drone strike in Kabul:

“Just when we thought the situation in Afghanistan couldn’t possibly get worse, we learned this afternoon that the August 29th drone strike killed 10 civilians – including 7 children – and not a single ISIS-K terrorist,” said Rep. Arrington.

“This drone strike was another avoidable tragedy caused by the reckless incompetence of our Commander in Chief and a sad commentary of a military that can no longer conduct counterterrorism operations in that region. We didn’t have to lose 13 American troops in a rushed withdrawal, and we didn’t have to kill 10 civilians in a botched drone strike.

While Biden continues to negotiate with terrorists for Americans he left behind, our nation’s long-term credibility is further weakened and our adversaries are capitalizing on Biden’s foreign policy blunders.”