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Arrington Statement on SCOTUS Decision on West Virginia v. EPA

Arrington Statement on SCOTUS Decision on West Virginia v. EPA

WASHINGTON, D.C.—Today, Rep. Jodey C. Arrington (TX-19) issued the following statement on the Supreme Court’s ruling on West Virginia v. EPA.

“Since the Democrats have failed to garner public support for their radical policies, they have resorted to the subversive and undemocratic means of judicial activism and regulatory fiat,” said Rep. Arrington.

“Today, the Supreme Court blocked Biden's weaponization of the EPA, correctly concluding that the Agency cannot pass sweeping Green New Deal environmental regulations without additional Congressional approval.” 

“The Left’s climate agenda not only unfairly attacks the oil & gas industry, it punishes hardworking Americans with higher prices at the pump and weakens American energy independence.”

“Once again, the Courts act as a last line of defense to a President obsessed with placating the Left rather than addressing the real needs of the American people and confronting the real crises facing our country.”


  • SCOTUS ruled 6-3 in West Virginia v. EPA to rein in the Biden Administration's aggressive regulatory overreach and environmental agenda.
  • The court concluded that EPA was implementing policy not granted to it by Congress.
  • The EPA has vastly overstepped its authority to narrowly regulate emissions and instead has worked to enforce Green New Deal style policies and move the U.S. away from affordable and reliable energy sources.