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Border Security

Securing our border and protecting our citizens should be the top priority of the federal government
. Our porous, unsecure border is leaving our country vulnerable to drug smugglers, human traffickers, waves of illegal immigrants, and terrorist infiltrators intent on doing us harm.

Our nation’s leaders need to have the political courage to ensure that our borders are secure and our laws are enforced. We are a nation of immigrants, but we are also a nation of laws —and those laws must be followed.

In Congress, I will continue to work hard to support the United States Border Patrol and ensure they have the necessary tools to keep the American people safe.

I have co-sponsored legislation to stop dangerous sanctuary cities, ensure we efficiently implement technology to secure our border, and penalize countries that refuse to take back their citizens who were criminally detained and deported from the United States.

A comprehensive border security plan must include both virtual and physical barriers in strategic areas along our southern edge. The bottom line is this: we must do whatever it takes to secure our border, stop illegal immigration, and protect our citizens.”