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ICYMI: Arrington Joins Fox News to Discuss Texas Energy Crisis and Biden Administration’s Radical Immigration Policies

ICYMI: Arrington Joins Fox News to Discuss Texas Energy Crisis and Biden Administration’s Radical Immigration Policies

WASHINGTON, DC –Today, Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19) joined The Faulkner Focus on Fox News to discuss the recovery process and lessons learned from the extreme weather in Texas, and how the Biden Administration’s radical immigration policies are putting Americans last.



On what could have been done to prevent the Texas Energy Crisis:

“We should have had winterization, we should have had power reserves that were adequate. We should have had smarter rolling black-outs, a curtailment of power plan and none of that happened. We have the most cost effective, most efficient energy supply of any state in the union. But then there is that 1%, 30 year, once-in-a-generation storm and those investments have to be made.”

On the proper way to protect Texas energy consumers:

“We shouldn’t be a ‘no-government’ conservative party, we should be a limited government party. There are needs for safeguards and consumer protections…This is an example of where you have to balance some level of requirements, safeguard and regulation, with an otherwise free and open market that will serve that customers the best.”

On how to fix Texas Energy Crisis:

“It’s number one on the [Texas] legislative agenda… They’ve got to put a moratorium on people being disconnected to their utilities for not paying their bills… You’ve got to find out why the Public Utilities Commission, a three-member commission appointed by the Governor and ERCOT, the independent grid operator, did not make the investment, did not make the requirement of utilities to have reliability of power sources through this emergency.”

On how Biden Administration’s Radical Immigration Policies negatively affect Texas and other border states:

“Well, it’s insult to injury at this point. We pay $12 billion annually just in Texas, that’s just one border state. It’s not just the economic cost, it is the fact that our federal government’s first and most important job is to protect and consider first the American people.”

“We have 25,000 people just in this caravan or the people that stayed in Mexico waiting for their asylum claims to be processed. We don’t know who is in that group of people. We haven’t vetted them. We’ve got restrictions. We’ve got mandates on the American people but these folks will come into the country illegally. They will be released into the interior without any test, without any vetting and there’s more to come.”

“The message is clear: The Biden Administration has said ‘we’re open for illegal crossings and we’ve empowered the drug cartels.' This is now their lucrative business and there will be more exploitation of poor and vulnerable people. That’s the bottom line.”



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