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ICYMI: Arrington Joins Fox News' America Reports to discuss Biden's Border Crisis

WASHINGTON, DC – Today, Congressman Jodey Arrington (TX-19) joined Fox News’ “America Reports” along with his Democrat colleague Rep. Henry Cuellar (TX-28) to discuss Biden’s disaster at the southern border.

Click here or the image above to watch the interview.

On the health crisis President Biden is allowing at the southern border:

“We’ve seen double the number of illegal crossings and apprehensions. Triple the children. The first place to start in solving a problem is to first admit you have one. What I respect about my colleague from Texas, Henry Cuellar, is he’s calling attention to it and he is recognizing it for the problem it is. And you’re right, there’s the long-term issues but there is the immediate stopping of the bleeding and the flood of folks coming here, not just causing safety and security risk, but a potential next wave in the pandemic. There’s a public health risk as well, and I know Congressman Cuellar and I are both on the same page with respect to keeping Title 42 measures in place as public health restrictions, immediate deportation so we don't create another pandemic flareup.” 

On demanding the Biden Administration owns up to their self-inflicted catastrophe and secure the border:

“Where are the honest brokers in Congress like Henry Cuellar? God bless him. He's calling balls and strikes. He said there’s a problem, there is no transparency, he’s getting more information from Mexico [than from the Biden White House]. Kamala Harris in 2018 was saying, applauding basically the free and independent press, to quote her. It's really hard to put the public pressure on this Administration when they have only allowed one camera in one facility. No transparency is going to make it very difficult to rally the country to the cause and effect of the Biden policies and the unmitigated crisis we are experiencing at the border.”

On the Biden Administration’s refusal to acknowledge the crisis:

“They haven't acknowledged it as a crisis. I have heard blaming the Trump Administration - that is a bad start. I am encouraged that we have Democrats like Henry Cuellar sounding the alarm. You can say all you want, “Don’t come now!” But if your actions waive notices to appear and implement catch-and-release, you are only encouraging more and more people to cross illegally. If you think that is humane, then you haven't seen the drug cartels and the way they treat these people and abuse them and assault them because that is exactly what's happening. That is as much a reason as any why we have to stop this.”



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