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ICYMI: Arrington Demands Biden Put Americans First and Secure Our Border

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ICYMI: Arrington Demands Biden Put Americans First and Secure Our Border

WASHINGTON, DC—Today, Rep. Arrington joined Mornings with Maria on Fox Business and slammed President Biden for the continued humanitarian disaster at the southern border, calling on him to keep existing Title 42 protections in place. Rep. Arrington also discussed the need for an agreement focused on critical infrastructure, offset in a fiscally responsible manner. 

Click here or the image below to watch the full interview.


Rep. Arrington on President Biden’s unmitigated and unprecedented border crisis:

Nobody understands what he is saying. Nobody believes what he’s saying if they do understand him because they see the actual numbers. We’ve had illegal border crossings up over 500% year over year. It’s a 21 year high. We’re seeing crime and drugs and gangs pouring into this country at unprecedented rates. The people of Texas and border communities all along the southern border feel abandoned by their President who is not faithfully executing the laws of the land and not providing for a common defense. It is wide-open, it is chaos, and it is a direct result of the irresponsible policies and posture of President Biden, Kamala Harris, and his administration. So, no. It’s disingenuous, at best, what he’s saying.”

Rep. Arrington on the need for Title 42 to secure the border and protect Americans’ health:

“I expect the President and this administration to put the American people’s safety first. So, beyond the security crisis, not defending the border, beyond the humanitarian disaster[…] it is a public safety crisis. That’s why President Trump used Title 42, among other tools, to protect our citizens against the spread of COVID. As you mentioned [there’s a] 900% increase in COVID-positive cases in the last two weeks of illegal immigrants crossing our border. If we inundate the health system, then we must take extreme measures which hurt the American people, which hurts the Texas economy and Texas families. The President needs to use Title 42 responsibly as President Trump did. I don’t know whether he will or not because he’s been talking about phasing that out, just like he’s reversed all the other Trump policies at this point.”

Rep. Arrington on the Dems’ infrastructure package, or lack thereof, in the U.S. Senate:

“Schumer put this procedural vote prematurely to put pressure on Republicans. I’m very proud of the Republicans, and some of the Democrats, in the Senate for focusing on infrastructure as most Americans define it, which is roads and bridges, and taking care to steward taxpayer resources with real offsets to pay for it. I’m glad they’re being deliberative about that after spending trillions of dollars in deficit spending and adding to our debt and exacerbating the potential debt crisis, which by the way, we won’t be able to print and borrow to bail out of. They’re doing the right thing. I think all Americans, and most Republicans I know in the House, are hopeful that it will be bipartisan, responsible, and will help accelerate our recovery and future economic growth.”

Rep. Arrington on Pelosi removing Reps. Banks and Jordan from the partisan and political January 6th commission:

“I think it was a political sham from the outset. I don’t think she was ever intending to be a true, legitimate, objective fact-finding endeavor. It was impeachment 3.0. It’s more political theater and sideshow instead of governing our country and it’s almost like the Democrats, they can’t do anything without President Trump in the picture. They need to focus on the people’s business.”


Congressman Jodey Arrington is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving the Nineteenth Congressional District of Texas. He serves as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.