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Arrington Issues Statement On Final Troop Withdrawal From Afghanistan

LUBBOCK, TX— Today, Rep. Jodey Arrington (TX-19) released the following statement after the final evacuation of U.S. military personnel from Afghanistan.  

“I have tremendous respect and gratitude for the heroism of our troops who went headlong into harm’s way to rescue our fellow Americans and allies. In spite of President Biden’s incompetence and inconceivable surrender to the Taliban, our brave soldiers successfully evacuated tens of thousands of people from a hostile and chaotic environment. 

“President Biden’s rash decisions and failure to heed the counsel of his own advisors caused irreparable damage to our credibility and the needless loss of American lives.

“It is hard enough to comprehend the recklessness with which Biden retreated from Afghanistan, but his abandonment of American citizens and capitulation to the Taliban is unforgivable.”