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Arrington Statement on Independence Day

Washington, July 4, 2020

“This 4th of July feels different.  There seems to be greater fear, frustration, and disunity.  Even so, we celebrate and give thanks to the Lord that we are still Americans.  Unlike so many others around the world, we woke up this morning in the land of liberty.

“Yet, let us never forget there would be no liberty without security, no land of the free without a home of the brave. The men and women serving in law enforcement and the military are the very best among us."

“This Independence Day, let us remember the high cost of freedom and recognize the courageous and caring citizens in uniform who are willing to pay the ultimate price every day."

“And, as elected leaders of the people at all levels, let us renew our commitment to securing the liberties of our law-abiding citizens by rooting out abuses and corruption, resisting needless intervention, and restraining evil of all kinds, including those who would use their freedom to sew chaos and commit crimes."

“I wish all West Texans and liberty-loving Americans everywhere a safe and Happy Independence Day, especially our beloved troops and their families.”


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