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Nexstar: Wreaths laid in tribute of Medal of Honor Heroes at Texas Tech Memorial Circle

LUBBOCK, Texas - Memorial Circle at Texas Tech is a sacred place on campus, and for a very good reason, as this October marks the anniversary of the receipt of the medal of honor by two Texas Tech veterans: Herman Wallace from World War II and George O’Brien from the Korean War. Congressman Jodey Arrington shared just how meaningful and impactful their sacrifices are. "This event was about honoring the very best of the best. The best are the 1 percent, 1 percent of Americans wear the uniform in defense of our freedom and our country, but freedom isn't free,” said Arrington. "The privilege to walk freely on this campus, to choose freely the institution of higher learning you want to go to, to start a company, to lay your head down at night with peace of mind that your family's safe, that somebody's standing in the gap between us and the enemy." The medal of honor is the most sacred military honor that is received by only the best of the best. There were several in attendance, as they all gathered to honor and pay tribute by laying a wreath at the memorial for two of Texas Tech’s finest. "This event this morning is to remember and honor Texas Tech's two medal of honor recipients," Steve Oien, the Commander for Chapter O-900 Military Order and Purple Heart recipient, said. "This is their anniversary month for the receipt of their medal of honors for their heroism in both those armed conflicts that we were engaged in at that time. And so we stand in honor of them and for the sacrifices they have made." Their families made sacrifices as well. Commander of Veterans of Four Wars, Benny Guerrero, who is also a retired U.S. Marine, gave special thanks to them. "Families, I'm telling you thank you. Thank you for rearing such great people; these people didn't just grow up to be great Americans, it had to be the family and the community that sparked love and compassion and patriotism in these men and women that grow up to be heroes. But what makes a person so whole and complete is his compassion and treatment of others. And these guys, they demonstrated that through their actions and they were honored by receiving the highest military award. And they get a salute, they have their rightful place in history as they would be some of the greatest Americans that ever walked in our country,” said Guerrero. These two heroes and their families will forever be appreciated and remembered by the Texas Tech community. Their sacrifices are tremendous to the continued freedom of our country.