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ICYMI: House Republicans urge Justice Department to investigate 'rogue' prosecutor who charged McCloskeys

Washington, August 7, 2020

Today, the Washington Examiner published the following article after Rep. Jodey Arrington (TX-19) led 16 Members of Congress in a letter urging Attorney General Bill Barr to protect our Second Amendment rights and to investigate rogue prosecutors who target innocent Americans as part of their antigun, not anticrime, agenda:

“A group of House Republicans urged Attorney General William Barr to investigate St. Louis Circuit Attorney Kim Gardner and other "rogue" prosecutors they believe have violated the Constitution.”

“The letter was signed by Georgia Rep. Doug Collins, Arizona Rep. Andy Biggs, and Texas Reps. Dan Crenshaw and Jodey Arrington, among others. Arrington, who put together the letter, told the Washington Examiner that he hopes an investigation into Gardner's decision would serve as a deterrent against prosecutors letting their political opinions dictate law enforcement.”

"I want the U.S. attorney general to nip this in the bud so that there's not widespread fear among law-abiding American citizens in cities and states across the country who have been reading the news and watching the news with great concern that this tyrannical mob and violent leftists rioting would spread to their communities and that they cannot depend on local leaders to do their job to protect them," Arrington said.”

"It's to send a message, too, to other rogue prosecutors that this will not be tolerated. And it's also a message to the violent mobs that plague our country that they will be met with equal or greater force when they go onto the private property or assault law-abiding citizens. And that is a deterrent and that is important because the message has not been one of deterrence by some of these local and state leaders who have abdicated their responsibility," he later added.”

For the full article, please click here.

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