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Arrington Discusses Democrat Impeachment, Leftist Political Violence and Biden’s Hostility to Energy Sector

Listen to the Full Interview Here

WASHINGTON – Rep. Jodey Arrington (TX-19) joined KFYO Mornings with Dave King and Matt Martin earlier today to discuss leftist political violence, Biden’s Executive Orders on the job killing Paris Climate Agreement, cancelling the Keystone Pipeline, and another partisan impeachment.

Transcript Highlights:

On the Democrats’ partisan impeachment push:

“This impeachment is unconstitutional from the outset. There was no fair trial. There was no fact finding. There was no process at all. I mean, it’s a joke. I can’t believe ten Republicans went along with this. It’s a travesty that that happened because this is purely political.

On the violence and lawlessness of the Radical left in  Seattle, Portland, and Denver:

The only thing keeping the Democrat Party together, and I want you to listen to this, is Donald Trump. He is the uniting force for the Democrat Party…because the Left that is rioting in the streets of Seattle, Portland, Denver, you’re not reading about it because nobody is writing about it, not even in our own paper. You’re not going to read about that violence and insurrection but those guys they want to abolish ICE, defund the police, they’re never going to be happy. They have an insatiable desire to go so radical that it will tear the Democrat Party into pieces and they will implode.


On the hypocrisy of the media and Democrat leaders:


“Where’s the outrage by the Democrat leadership? Not a word. Where’s the coverage in our local paper? Where’s the coverage of what was going on? I mean everyone was hyperventilating about the Capitol. I condemned that violence on day one, as did other Republicans, most Republicans, if not all. Nobody is saying a word about BLM protestors who on Martin Luther King Day, the man who championed nonviolent way to change things, and 26 are arrested and they assault police officers. This is what we saw for months leading up to what happened at the Capitol, but if you talk to the liberal media and you talk to the Democrats who are obsessed with President Trump, you’ll never get any credible objective feedback from them. It’s a shame that they aren’t condemning this from the outset. They’re ignoring and hoping it will go away. It won’t go away. These folks are going to continue to do it because they’re not being held accountable. Oh by the way, by the way, Kamala Harris, now our Vice President of the United States of America, was raising money to bail these people out in Portland only to send them back to do more lawlessness.”

On Biden’s Executive Order to reenter the Paris Climate agreement:

“It binds us, it gives away our sovereignty, worse it gives our economic prosperity and security away while giving China, our biggest existential threat, a pass for ten years, along with Russia by the way. It was unconstitutional from the outset. This is the Green New Deal being championed essentially by President Biden.

On Biden’s additional Executive Orders to kill oil production jobs and harm America’s energy independence:

“They’ve got a list including moratoriums on drilling on public land and revoking the permit for the KXL pipeline. They are hostile to oil and gas, even though 80% of our economy runs on it, 90% of the world economy. We have the blessings of energy independence, not just for America but for North America, which is critical with the geopolitical landscape, especially in Asia, especially with China. We will lose millions of jobs in places like West Texas because of the tremendous costs of these regulations and these emission standards are putting on producers. But let me remind folks, we as Americans have led in reducing carbon emissions. In fact, during the Trump Administration, we saw a 15% reduction and we led the world, not because of regulation, but because of innovation, because of natural gas, they’re taking us back to the stone age of mandates and regulations that will destroy this great industry that has been so good to our country.”

On Biden’s plan to roll back President Trump’s tough and fair America-First immigration policies:

“It is going to weaken our country and weaken the prospect of recovery and prosperity for the future. It will put our citizens in jeopardy, especially along the border in border states like Texas, by saying, “Hey, you can commit crimes! You can cross the border illegally, we’ve already seen the biggest surge in 20 years in one quarter. You’re not going to be deported, so caravans: come one, come all!” We’re now open for business to let anyone and everyone into this country with no vetting process in place.”

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