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Arrington Issues Statement on ICE Releasing Its FY2021 Annual Report

WASHINGTON, D.C.— After months of delay, U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) finally released its annual report for Fiscal Year 2021. Rep. Arrington led efforts demanding the Agency to release the report.

Since President Biden took office, there have been over 2.1 million apprehensions at the southwest border. This unprecedented number of apprehensions is a direct result of the Biden Administration’s failed immigration policies.

The annual report provides further evidence of the Biden Administration’s failure to secure the border and protect the American people. The data from the annual report is staggering - despite a historic surge at the southern border, deportations and arrests have shockingly declined.

  • Deportations declined to 59,000—the lowest number of deportations recorded in 26 years.
  • From FY20 to FY21, arrests of illegal aliens fell from more than 100,000 to 74,000.
  • ICE detainees dramatically dropped to around 19,200—the lowest level in over 20 years.

“For months, the Biden Administration has failed to release its annual report on immigration and enforcement for fear it would further expose the growing threat of Biden’s open border policies. The data shows a complete dereliction of duty by the Biden Administration with record high border crossings and record low deportations and detentions,” said Rep. Arrington. “While Biden and the Democrat leadership spend billions to help Ukraine defend itself against an invasion, they have completely failed to protect our own citizens at our southern border.”


Congressman Jodey Arrington is a member of the U.S. House of Representatives serving the Nineteenth Congressional District of Texas. He serves as a member of the House Ways and Means Committee.